Our Mission Statement

We make Handcrafted body care products in small batches, using natural and organic ingredients. B Soapy, for a clean everyBODY can feel good about.

                                                         ♡ B humble. B kind. B Soapy. ♡

B Soapy has been such an amazing shop for my daughter! She has severe allergies and can't use many products. being six years old, she has always wanted fun bath items, like bath bombs and bubble bars. I reached out to Sarah and asked if she would share the ingredients in her items and if could customize them. My daughter has loved EVERY item we have received and we have had zero issues with her allergies. I recommend B Soapy to everyone, not only for the products but for the amazing customer service! 


About Us



B Soapy actually got its name from our founders 4 children. When asked about the name Sarah proudly says "My youngest child called the bath the "B" and when my kids were all little they used to call soap "soapy". Thus B Soapy was born, it only felt natural to use a name my four babies came up with". We have been making different types of soaps since early 2008. As a company, we love knowing what is going on our skin and our family's skin, it gives us peace of mind knowing the safety and benefits. 80% of what you put on your skin goes into your skin, ingredients matter. Please join us on our Soapy journey.


You can also find B Soapy in the Manchester Craft Market in the Mall of New Hampshire. The store is located near Dick's Sporting Goods.0.....

Manchester Craft Market

Mall of New Hampshire 1500 South Willow St Manchester, NH USA

Monday - Thursday

11 am - 7 pm

Friday and Saturday

10 am - 8 pm


12 pm - 6 pm